Ben Overd Ben Overd
Passed 1st time 😊
Words can not explain how thankful I am. Would of never have passed without Roxanne. Very informative, helpful and patient. She will always be the top of the list for my recommendation.

Natalie Proffitt Natalie Proffitt
A massive thank you to Roxy for helping me get through my driving test. I felt very comfortable answer relaxed. Roxy was brilliant 😀

Katie Adcock Katie Adcock
I was an apprehensive learner driver who'd had lessons previous to taking a break and restarting with Roxy. I found her so approachable, she instilled confidence in me and talked everything at my pace. I was never afraid to ask questions. Lessons we're also a lot of fun and I looked forward to them every week.

Luke Perry Luke Perry
Passed 1st time 😊
Couldn't of asked for a better instructor 😊 highly recommended and very nice a person. Thank you for everything and helping me achieve this 😆 x

Ali DickinsonAli Dickinson
Cannot rate Roxy highly enough. She is patient, understanding and always willing to explain if I was unsure. I felt comfortable being taught her Roxy. Using the LD system with the DVD and workbook really helped me plan my own learning process and helped me prepare for the lessons and the test.

Leigh cashLeigh cash
Passed 1st time 😊
I liked that Roxy explained things in a way that I could understand and made reference points clear on manoeuvres. I had been driving for some time but had not had any lessons for a while. I had just 6 hours with Roxy and passed first time, now I'm looking forward to taking my some on day trips. Thank you Roxy 😄

Shannen Hill Shannen Hill
2 driving faults 😁👌💪
I really enjoyed learning to drive with Roxanne, she made me feel at ease straight away. We had fun, stress free yet organised. She let me decided what we were going to cover during the lesson. I was able to talk through things I was unsure of without being made to feel silly.

Alex Rolfe Alex Rolfe
Passed 1st time 😊
Roxanne was easy to get along with, we had fun but she was serious when it really mattered. I found the workbook helpful for my theory and to keep track of my progress. Highly recommended.

Cam Wright
Roxanne helped me get to test standard after i had a bad experience with another instructor. She was funny and professional...good balance. I found the workbook a great help when putting it all together and helpful for when i had extra practice out and about with my dad. Thank you so much Roxy. Would highly recommend.

Chloe wollacott Chloe wollacott
Passed 1st time 😊 2 minors
Roxanne made me feel very comfortable for able and I was so pleased with my rate of progress. I felt safe and supported. Thank you Roxanne. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Louise Allen Louise Allen
Two failed test with other instructor, first time pass with Roxanne! 😆
I've always been made to feel at ease and Roxanne gave me a confidence boost at each lesson as I was very nervous. Having failed two test with a previous instructor and passing first time with Roxanne has given me the confidence in need to go on and drive safe. Roxanne gave me freedom in my lessons to decide where I went and what we did, she guided me in a calm manner and I felt the relaxed atmosphere in the car. I would recommend Roxanne to anyone. Thank you so much Roxy

Louise Barson
Passed 1st time 😊
Roxy was very patient and understanding regarding my nerves. She let me choose what I did with our lessons. She provided an LDC work book and DVD which is extremely helpful to study before a lesson. We would check at the end of the lesson to see if we have achieved what I had hoped and she made me feel very comfortable. Roxy also helped me with my theory not only with her website links but making sure I knew the information from theory in practical lessons, which really helped me. Thank you so much Roxy!

Ryan Prouse Ryan Prouse
25 hours later.....only gone and done it!! 😆😆
Roxy really helped me to choose how I wanted to learn using the LD system, which I felt was a great and effective way to learn. I got to decide what we would be doing in each of my lessons and this made me feel at ease, knowing I had her confidence and guidance. Roxy was easy to talk to and I liked that she was nearer my age. The booklet and DVD I received with my semi-intensive course was helpful to plan my lessons and reflect. Thank you so much Roxy. 😊😊😃

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